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Mortgage Calculators and Home Loan Tools

These online calculators provide helpful estimates to assist in your decision-making process. Actual results may vary based on your credit rating and changes in interest rates or market conditions.

Payment Amortization Calculator image

Payment/Amortization Calculator

Estimate monthly payments and see how principal is paid over time.

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Rent Own Worksheet image

Rent vs Own Worksheet

Qualify the differences between renting and buying a home.

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Annual Percentage Rate image

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator

Calculate the APR for fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loans.

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Debt Consolidation Worksheet image

Debt Consolidation Worksheet

Determine if you can consolidate your debt by combining it with a home mortgage.

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Additional Payment Savings Calculator image

Additional Payment Savings Calculator

Find out how soon you can pay off your mortgage by making additional payments.

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Early Payoff Worksheet image

Early Payoff Worksheet

Determine additional monthly payment amounts needed to pay off your loan sooner.

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Refinance Break Even Point Calculator image

Refinance Break-Even Point Calculator

Find out how long it will take to break even on a refinanced loan.

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Taxing Savings Calculator image

Tax Savings Calculator

Determine the estimated tax savings with a new loan.

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