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Personal loans near me

Personal Loans

We understand your plans don’t always fit conveniently within the scope of a monthly paycheck. Sometimes opportunities come up, and we need a small personal loan to seize the moment. It might be for home renovations or a great deal on a new car. If the only thing standing between you and your dreams is a personal loan, turn to American National Bank of Texas.
Whether you are thinking about a family vacation, a home repairs, or new appliances, we can offer you a variety of loan options that are right for you. By making decisions locally, we can offer you competitive personal loan rates and a commitment to service.
As a community bank, we believe in going beyond just a signature and a handshake. We provide financial guidance to help you understand the ins and outs of a personal loan, so that you can be confident with your plans.

We offer personal loans and lines of credit, such as:

  • Secured loans — These loans are backed by an asset to act as collateral, which provides certain benefits, such as potentially lower interests rates and greater flexibility if you’ve had credit challenges in the past.
  • Unsecured loans — These loans are granted based on your creditworthiness alone. Many factors weigh into determining your credit, but rest assured that these decisions are made by trusted loan officers right here in North Texas—and not some impersonal office in another city.
  • Line of credit — These loans establish a maximum loan balance that you can borrow against. In some ways, it works like a credit card for people who don’t like to handle some much plastic.
  • Cash reserve — This credit protects your checking account against overdraft. However, you can also borrow from the reserve like a line of credit.

If you already know what kind of loan will best suit your needs, you can get started today.

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