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ANBTrust Corporate Executor and Estate Services

What does it mean to be an executor of an estate?

One of the most important financial planning decisions to make is selecting an executor.

A will is a legally binding expression of a person’s wishes for the distribution of their property; the executor is responsible for carrying out those wishes. The executor controls the estate’s administration and is legally accountable to the beneficiaries. Even for small, relatively straightforward estates, the myriad of duties is diverse and complex.

The executor for an estate will have extensive responsibilities, including:

  • Collecting and providing safekeeping for the estate’s assets
  • Notifying creditors and paying all valid debts
  • Collecting any sums owed the estate
  • Filing claims for retirement plan, Social Security and veteran’s benefits
  • Managing the estate’s assets
  • Selling assets, as directed by will or required by state law, to pay estate expenses or legacies
  • Keeping detailed records of all estate transactions for beneficiaries and/or the probate court
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Filing federal and state tax returns for the decedent and the estate

The benefits of selecting ANBTrust as your corporate executor

Selecting ANBTrust as the corporate executor is a choice increasingly being made by people who want to make settling their estates as worry-free as possible. ANBTrust understands the sensitive issues that may arise with settling an estate, and can help make the process as easy as possible.

In choosing ANBTrust as your corporate executor, you get:

  • Full attention to your estate needs – Personal interests, emotion, poor health and age cannot interfere with the smooth operation of your estate
  • Continuity – The appointment of a corporate executor ensures continuity of service during the full period of estate administration
  • Accessibility – Your estate is the personal responsibility of a corporate executor who, with a support team, is accessible and ready to assist your beneficiaries
  • Impartiality – A corporate executor combines business ability with their capacity for human understanding, ensuring fair and tactful treatment of all beneficiaries
  • Confidential nature of estate business – Corporate executors are trained to treat the business of clients in strict confidence
  • Experience – Corporate executors have the broad experience needed to administer estates efficiently and economically
  • Knowledge and specialization – ANBTrust maintains a staff of specialists in investments, tax, insurance and other areas affecting estate administration, aware of increasingly complex laws
  • Group judgment – Major decisions regarding estate investments or other vital matters are reviewed and decided by drawing upon the expertise of the entire senior staff group

To learn more about how you can benefit from having an ANBTrust corporate executor, call us today at 800.837.6584 or visit your nearest American National Bank of Texas location.

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